Walking + Food tasting tour



Duration 2h to 3h


  • 100€




Ready to fall in love with all the tasty treasures Gent has to offer? Get ready to discover together with your local foodie!  Let's try a unique préparé!. Following their favorite Couberdon, wait what? Give them a try while your local foodie tells you about the story behind it! . We will have cheese and pastries, from salty to sweet. And let's not forget that our eyes will also eat ! Don't wait anylonger and book our experience :D Everything is included in the price, both the tour and the tastings.




⇝ 7 local tastings

⇝ 2 drinks (beer & coffee or tea)

⇝ Local guide


What to bring

⇝ Good Vibes

⇝ Smiley Face

⇝ Comfortable shoes

⇝ Your appetite (:

Additional Notes

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water for the tour due to its duration.

We also recommend bringing an umbrella, in case of rain.

It is recommended to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the tour starts.