Beer with a local


Duration 2.5 h


  • 80€ per person

  • children from 16+ can participate



When you think of Belgium, what are the first two things that come to mind?

History and beer.

We  will visit 3 bars/pubs, tasting its best beer and typical tapas from Bruges...

Each bar/pub is unique and very different. In the tour we will talk a bit of the history of the beer and the places that we visit.

Join this experience and see if you pass our 3 levels and feel more Bruggeling than ever.

Experience levels...

⇝ Level 1 Easy, Start your tour with a light beer of 6% brewed in the city center.

⇝ Level 2 Intermediate, get as tough as a monk with a Trappist beer of 8%

⇝ Level 3 Finish your tour as a real Belgian with the strongest beer of 9,5% in the oldest pub.

What we will visit...

⇝ The oldest bar in town

⇝ Secret hidden pub

⇝ Cosy local bar  

The experience includes

⇝ Drinks (one in each stop)

⇝ Snack (Cheese & Salami)

What to bring?

⇝ Good Vibes

⇝ Smiley Face

⇝ Comfortable shoes

⇝ Raincoat is always welcome

Additional Notes

We recommend bringing an umbrella, in case of rain.

It is recommended to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the tour starts.

Maalse Steenweg

8310, Brugge




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