Beer with a local


Duration 2.5 h


  • 80€ per person

  • children from 16+ can participate



When you think of Belgium, what are the first two things that come to mind?

History and beer.

We  will visit 3 bars/pubs, tasting its best beer and typical tapas from Bruges...

Each bar/pub is unique and very different. In the tour we will talk a bit of the history of the beer and the places that we visit.

Join this experience and see if you pass our 3 levels and feel more Bruggeling than ever.

Experience levels...

⇝ Level 1 Easy, Start your tour with a light beer of 6% brewed in the city center.

⇝ Level 2 Intermediate, get as tough as a monk with a Trappist beer of 8%

⇝ Level 3 Finish your tour as a real Belgian with the strongest beer of 9,5% in the oldest pub.

What we will visit...

⇝ The oldest bar in town

⇝ Secret hidden pub

⇝ Cosy local bar  

The experience includes

⇝ Drinks (one in each stop)

⇝ Snack (Cheese & Salami)

What to bring?

⇝ Good Vibes

⇝ Smiley Face

⇝ Comfortable shoes

⇝ Raincoat is always welcome

Additional Notes

We recommend bringing an umbrella, in case of rain.

It is recommended to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the tour starts.